international travels

Quick tips for international travel

Travelling international sounds really scary, especially when it is your first time. But you do not have to worry; here are quick tis to help you travel international and back without any issues.

Security and health tips

First, make sure you check with your health insurance carrier and doctors to ensure you have all the essential travel subscriptions renewed and get all the needed vaccinations. Do not forget to confirm that your medical insurance provider covers emergencies overseas. Consider taking a supplementary policy if they do not.  Leave a copy of your passport in your email for extra backup in case you lose it. bring multiple passport copies with you when you travel.


Check out the monetary conversion before the trip; this will help you get more sense of how much things cost and how much money you will need. Also, make sure the credit card works in the country you are traveling to. Most countries will not accept magnetic strip cards; most countries have switched to a complete pin and chip technology. If you do not do it on time, make sure you go to a bank in the country you are visiting. The conversion centres around the banks can sometimes be a rip off.

Walk around with local cash, you will find that not all places take credit cards. Inform your bank when you make transactions from international countries so they won’t block your card thinking fraudulent transactions are happening.

Do plenty of local research

Before you make a decision, you obviously have to do plenty of research on the places you have always wanted to visit, ensure you purchase tickets in advance to skip line and meet the deadlines on time. Buying guidebooks that include keywords, maps and phrases will help you get details that will help you during the trip. There are apps that will help you understand the country and best places to visit.

Socializing with people from the country you plan to visit is arguably one of the most fun activity for tourists. Ask around for events, festivals, ceremonies that will happen during your time of visit.

Electronic basics

You will obviously be carrying around electronics like phones and cameras during travel. do not forget to pack the right charger and adapter for them. Remember, different countries have different voltage and size plugs so make sure you check that out before you travel. there is nothing more annoying than having the charger to your phone but you still cannot charge it. activate the global capabilities on your phone to make communication easy.

Language and packing

It all comes down to the type of trip you are taking the number of days you plan on staying abroad and how many of you are travelling. There are limits set as to how much language you can move around with, so make sure you adhere to that. Check the guidelines in your home airport and also the international airport to ensure you are up t code. Pack an extra set of everything in travel size in case you need it.